Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dear "Rich Kid for Redistribution": Just shut up & give it away.

This girl epitomizes the problem with so many wealthy statists (and those who pretend to be, as I'm guessing is the case here).

She purportedly deplores the fact that she has money, and she chooses to do...well, nothing about it. If she really wants her money to go to the less fortunate, then why doesn't she just give it away? There are plenty of worthy charities out there that are far more efficient than the government.

Alas, I suspect she prefers to use her money as a status symbol, just like the people she's protesting. "Look at me! I have money that I don't need, so I want to help the less fortunate! Look at what a wonderful person I am!"

Oh, just shut up and give it away, already.